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Ancient mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.


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Sacred sites are repositories of subtle energies that have a corresponding effect on people's state of consciousness.

Around 2200 BC a change began to take place in the order of human experience. All across the Earth, monuments of stone originally erected as umbilical cords to the spirit world, and for the greater good of humanity, came to the attention of a few misguided individuals.

At pivotal locations along the Earth’s magnetic grid, a priestly caste entrusted with the responsibility of temples and their subtle energies became greater than the buildings themselves. Usurping these portals, the priests began to manipulate the energy of the sites that was so intimately tied to the Earth’s, unleashing a global chain reaction and ushering a new experiment in human affairs: centralized power.

Indeed, the geologic record of the time bears witness to catastrophic tectonic activity; northern Europe alone was consumed by volcanic eruptions which shrouded the Sun and precipitated a 20-year winter. The subsequent failing of agriculture on a disastrous scale prompted a mass exodus of Neolithic cultures off Scottish islands and onto the mainland. For once, the culprit behind this was not mother Earth, but a few human individuals who mastered the technology of sacred sites and, in turn, misused their original purpose on a colossal scale.

Thus began a world revolution, as the power of thousands of temples, pyramids and stone circles were wrestled from the collective and into the hands of the few. The frequency of fear replaced that of love. And, looking around today, these techniques and their consequences are still with us.

With incredible foresight, the original guardians of the temples managed to shut down many sacred sites, preventing access and further disruption to the Earth’s magnetic nodes – the points on the globe where interstellar information can be accessed. Or, as the priests discovered, influenced. Evidence of their protective policy can be seen in the monolithic stone blocking the entrance to West Kennett long barrow, England; and the original entrance to the main pyramid of Giza, so expertly sealed it took several tons of TNT and hundreds of inquisitive Arab raiders to force open that vault.

Because such temples were designed as analogs of the Earth, misuse of the energy stored at the sites released sympathetic resonances that triggered all kinds of geological and ecological mayhem. But the effects were not just physical, they were also biological: for the next 4000 years, humanity would experience a gradual disconnection with the Earth, the loss of intimacy with the invisible Universe, and move towards an over-association with materialism.

All of this sounds very familiar because it so neatly encapsulates the distorted human values worshiped in recent times. But what exactly was this subtle energy that was manipulated, and where does it reside?

Back in the 1920’s the enlightened French archaeologists Merle and Diot postulated that all ancient temples “without exception, lie at the crossroads of invisible, yet measurable paths of earth energy”. As the twentieth century progressed, so did technology, and by the 1970’s experiments with sensitive electronic devices at stone circles, pyramids, and other temples of veneration clearly show how the local electro-magnetic (EM) field is significantly different at these sites.

Scientists have discovered how standing stones alter compass directions, sometimes by as much as 180 degrees; at the Rollright stone circle, England, magnetometer surveys show how the local magnetic field collects into the circle in spiral flow. A person standing at the site is literally drawn down a plughole and into the Earth’s core. Moreover, the specific types of stone used at the sites contain high amounts of quartz, and quartz is programmable by EM frequencies. In a sense, the temples operate as energy storage devices.

To this body of evidence is added the accumulated knowledge from hundreds of tests conducted inside the pyramids of Giza, which clearly show how their carefully designed stone chambers act as harmonic resonators that both store and emit all kinds of EM and sonic frequencies.

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Magnetomer reading of the energy at the R9llright stone circle. England.

Dowsing these sites also demonstrates how their builders carefully oriented the buildings to specific angles, and most impressively, how the actual length, width, and positioning of each temple conforms to underlying invisible, yet detectable energy grids.

It is as if the architects wished to collect, enhance, even amplify these subtle forces, all with a grand purpose in mind, because there exists another type of temple that is also electro-magnetic: the human body. A structure of flesh built around a crystalline foundation of bone, the body is also a series of molecules in a state of vibration; even its thoughts and feelings emit EM frequencies. Consequently, any excitation of a local EM field has a profound affect on a person’s state of awareness

When the body is diseased, the crystalline structure of DNA can actually be deformed. Consequently, placing the body in an environment filled with natural harmonics, magnetism and sound helps reorganize DNA back to its natural and harmonic geometry, leading to healing.

Ancient temples, it seems, were designed with a spiritual technology: all are built at intersecting paths of magnetic energy; they are designed on a foundation of sacred geometry and other universal harmonics; they are sonically tuned; and all use specific types of stone. Not surprisingly, every site has a rich history of healing and alterations of awareness.

No wonder sacred sites were held with such veneration: not only are they able to ally with the host planet’s natural systems to an intimate degree, they also have a profound affect on the human body. But if the ancient site overseers already had their hands full protecting their portals from abuse, the real desecration began during the Roman era, as builders within the emerging Christian church erected their places of worship on top of pagan sacred sites, a practice that continued with the impressive Gothic cathedrals. And yet, appearances can be deceiving.

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Water veins beneath Winchester cathedral. The electro-magnetic tellutic lines follow the cross shape of the building’s walls.

The Gothic cathedrals, in particular, were masterminded by the original Knights Templar, in collusion with Bernard de Clairvaux and his Cistercian monks – Orders with a thorough understanding of ancient systems of knowledge, particularly its understanding of harnessing subtle energies. Faced with the prospect of death at the hands of the Holy Inquisition (or un-holy, if you happened to be on the receiving end), these guardians of the secrets sought to encode the information they guarded from tyrants and priests, placing it within the walls of the buildings of the people who were actively engaged in massacring them.

The Gothic cathedrals are, in essence, ancient Egyptian temples, complete with their sacred geometry, sonic harmonics, as well as the purposeful relationship of walls and physical features to the underlying energy fingerprint. In other words, the adepts keep alive humanity’s ‘spiritual technology’, ironically at the expense of their own lives. And while the priests and bishops maintained control of the power of the sites – by keeping ordinary people away from power points such as the alter (sic) – those who knew how to read the temples still used them in their correct context. The information was hidden in plain view.

Thus, the honouring of the Earth was literally performed occultly ('hidden from the eye'), which served to counterbalance the misuse of the pressure points.

Just as power inevitably corrupts, so fire eventually consumes itself. The adepts of ancient Mysteries schools knew that the time would come when the sacred spaces would again revert to their intended purpose: the common good. Maybe it is not by coincidence that, suddenly, at the start of the 21st century, interest in sacred sites – indeed with ‘alternative’ methods of relating to nature – is surging. It is as if the sacred places have come alive, and we instinctively feel that a reconnection, severed 4000 years ago, is overdue.

This surge is receiving some help from friends in higher places. For just as these sacred sites have awakened so, too, has the sudden appearance of crop circles in the latter half of the 20th century. And what is of interest here is that all genuine crop circles exhibit identical features shared by all sacred sites, particularly electro-magnetism, sound and harmonics.

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Genuine crop circles, although documented as far back as 1680, came to the forefront of our attention during the early 1980s. Although never discussed by mainstream media, their anomalous features continue to fascinate open-minded scientists, including a few at NASA. Why, for example, are the plants swirled according to the Golden Ratio, nature’s own spiral? Why are the stems bent an inch above the soil and undamaged, demonstrating that no physical body has been used to flatten them? Why are the stems charred on the outside? Why are the nodes (the plants’ ‘knuckles’) elongated above statistical probability? Why are there small holes in the nodes, indicating that the water in the stems has been boiled and extruded? As for their chromosomes, as well as the crystalline structure of the affected soil, all these show drastic deviations from normal under a microscope.

So much, then, for the human hoax argument put forward so vehemently in mainstream media! No wonder governments and their media allies have spent considerable sums in promoting a sceptical agenda. The stakes could not be higher, because crop circles are manifesting, without exception, along the nodes of magnetic paths of energy, just like the ancient sacred sites.

Furthermore, they also contain a range of frequencies that are not present in the human body. Of all the EM inherent in and generated by our molecules, a frequency gap exists. A part of our genetic make-up appears to be silent. Or perhaps dormant, a place in our DNA designed to be awakened at a point in its evolution. These frequencies have been monitored inside genuine crop circles. Is there a coincidence?

Thousands of people have experienced altered states of awareness in crop circles; they've also experienced healing: of retinal tumours, arthritis, and so forth. People monitored by EEG devices inside crop circles show enhanced right-brain activity compared to control experiments. Similar tests conducted inside Gothic cathedrals show enhanced right-brain activity, sometimes as much as 4000% above normal waking state.

Furthermore, both crop circles and all sacred sites share another feature: all are sited above or beside water, an element that generates an electro-magnetic charge and has been proved to retain information. Tests on water from crop circles show samples to be coded 136% above controls. Since the human body is not only electro-magnetic but also two-thirds water, whatever energy is creating crop circles is also having a direct effect on humans, physically and mentally.

Since the human right brain is considered the creative or spiritual side, and all crop circles as well as ancient sacred sites were erected to amplify such activity, it is not far-fetched to suggest the crop circles are the new temples, and they are appearing along the Earth’s pressure points at a time in our evolution when we are poised to reclaim our status as enlightened co-creators.

The implications, like the temples bequeathed to us by our benevolent predecessors, are enormous.

© Freddy Silva. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without permission

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Energy emitted by a dolmen, measured by Guy Underwood.

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