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Subtle energies found in sacred sites and gothic cathedrals

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When Russian scientists measured the brainwaves of volunteers inside Gothic cathedrals and Egyptian pyramids, they noticed how the surrounding environment created a force which stimulated brainwaves 4000% above normal waking state.

Similar experiments at Delphi and Stonehenge revealed how the resonant frequency of these sacred environments is approximately 7.8 Hz — the frequency of the human brain in a state of receptivity, the kind of state enjoyed by psychics and healers when they are at work.

Knowing that sacred sites are located at magnetic hotspots helps to understand why these places have such a profound affect on our senses. But their design is also part of the spiritual technology.

Temples are generally located above blind springs. These underground courses of water interact with a local magnetic field, creating a spiral of energy that rises out of the ground. Such locations are marked by menhirs, dolmens and other large standing stones.

A spinning motion of energy generates an EM charge in water, further stimulating the local environment, enough to influence the human body to an extraordinary degree. This is enhanced by the magnetite packed into the carefully chosen stones that influences the iron contained in blood, and the movement of blood itself through the veins, since blood also requires spin to move around the body.

Furthermore, anyone interacting with a weak magnetic field starts to feel changes in their state of awareness, since the spin motion of energy also stimulates and vibrates the pineal gland, not to mention the millions of particles of magnetite suspended in the liquid surrounding the brain.

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EEG readings in Gothic cathedrals show a rise of 4000% in brain activity.

So, as you prepare to enter a sacred site your body is being conditioned to accept more penetrating frequencies. And since the subtle energy properties of a temple suggest it is also a living organism, the site reads a pilgrim's electrical field like a credit card. If there is sympathetic resonance between the person and the site itself, then an immediate bond takes place between both organisms.

Since the human body is a positively and negatively-charged electrical circuit, the alteration of an electro-magnetic field will have a corresponding affect on its state of awareness. When building sacred sites, the stone was considered for its amount of quartz, a highly programmable and piezo-electric compound. Any pressure on quartz-bearing rock produces a subtle EM field.

And that is where the temple-building technology reveals itself. Human DNA is sensitive to alterations of the local EM environment. Entering a temple rich in subtle energies allows for an exchange of information between the stones and the human edifice.

It is well documented that many standing stones in Britain can and do give off high electrical charges, especially when they have not been grounded for many years. Dowsers are especially prone to these effects since they tend to come into the contact with standing stones in remote places, out of curiosity. It is not unusual to hear of people touching these splendid stones, in the process grounding them, and the resulting static charge throwing a person back some twelve feet!

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Standing stones are strategically placed to anchor the earth’s subtle electro-magnetic energy.

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