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Earth mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.

Sacred sites mirror the perfection of the universe. They are sensitive to never-changing cosmic values. And throughout history, whenever we have failed to maintain ancient temples — or stopped building them — societies have disintegrated overnight.

Pyramids, stone circles and other megalithic temples were created to last, built with devotion and precision by people with an unerring belief and knowledge of universal laws. These architects understood the flow of living energy, they located its hotspots, and applying a combination of geomancy, sacred geometry and earth magic, built living temples capable of influencing the state of consciousness of the human body, even entire regions.

By combining astronomy and geology, sacred sites became the meeting places of heavenly and earthly power, living intermediaries between material and spiritual. Although used for healing, divination and calendrical purposes, the primary purpose of temples was to teach the Mysteries secrets, and in turn, initiates used them as gateways to experience the Otherworld.

That's why sacred places are both mesmerizing and self-empowering.

For decades I've researched countless temples, megalithic sites, ancient churches and cathedrals. It surprised me how they speak. The spirit of place is aware of your presence and purpose. It scans your energy field, and should your PIN match you engage in an intimate conversation. And so begins your relationship with sacred space.

Behind every pyramid and stone circle there exists a world of metaphor, a symbolic language containing the vocabulary of ancient systems of knowledge: codes of creation, sound, sacred geometry, measure, and how these can be applied to influence the everyday world.

Sages, scholars, mystics, even the Knights Templar hard-wired a library of knowledge into their sacred places as an insurance policy for times when we’d forget why we are here. As you walk through this site I hope you become aware of this legacy, and that you use the knowledge to improve the quality of life within and around you.


Join me on a tour of the temples of Peru this October. And next January, a journey from Palenque to Tikal.

Discover how the highest grade of initiation became something else, in The Lost Art of Resurrection.

My latest DVD Otherworld shows how some places take you some place else.

Learn about
the 900-year old secret of the Knights Templar.

Article — The Otherworld in the Andes: How Peru’s chullpas were part of a global initiation ritual.

The heretical secrets of Chartres Cathedral are found in my latest eBook.

Article - They’re Alive: Megalithic sites are more than just stone.

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Topics ranging from the initiate’s best-kept secret, the legacy of Egyptian temples, and Druid London, to the best-kept secret of the Knights Templar, our love affair with the paranormal, even the origin of crop circles. These and much more are covered in here.

See you back in a day or three.

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Ever wondered why stone used in megalithic temples is not of local origin? Or why you get electric shocks from dolmens, menhirs and other standing stones? Well, there's a science behind it. Read more…

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Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry was used to generate a specific energetic environment inside a temple. It’s one reason why pyramids may look alike yet each feels different. And this geometry resonates with your DNA.  Read more…

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Megalithic sites are precisely aligned to each other, to stars, planets, even constellations, by the art of ley lines. Find out what these are and how they differ from telluric currents (electromagnetic energy).  Read more…

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W-holy Water

Water covers two-thirds of the planet and the human body. It is also the primary building block of every temple. Is this why water in sacred sites is more potentized than ordinary water? Read more…

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Sacred Measure

There is measure and then there is sacred measure. The architects of ancient temples distilled a numerical system based on the laws of nature, then applied it in stone circles and pyramids. Read more…

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Subtle Energies

No, it's not your imagination, you do see unusual things in ancient sacred sites. Each one is a junction box for the Earth’s telluric currents, and their effect on your state of awareness is profound. Read more…

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Crop Circles

Crop circles are a misunderstood phenomenon. Given the distorted media bias, it's no wonder. Solid research proves that not only are they not made by people, they are also linked to ancient sacred sites.  Read more…